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vegemite sandwiches
and 2KF coffee
wollongong, church point, avalon and narrabeen
big splash and a whale at my window sill

shorts in winter
and kites sailors on the sea
G’day mate and she’ll be right
footy and cricket and the SCG

central station in morning light
kirribilli markets with bargains in hand
botanic garden bats
and a coat hanger stretching across a cobalt blue sea

manly ferries charging on
palm beach lighthouse looking out
roos and cockatoos
huntsmen staging dramatic dance in the corners

yoga rooms
that become living rooms
work that becomes love
a loft becomes a home rocking seamlessly by the sea

lakes that become mirrors in early morning light
studying with gargoyles in sydney uni clock towers
blue hyundai road trips
and babies being born

so many memories
so many loves
our suitcases and our hearts
they overflow and teach us how to grow

copyright – christina adler – 3 July 2008 – Narrabeen, NSW Australia

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love leaves its mark


like ribbons dancing off their spools
around my feet
a rainbow
of faces and feelings and words

have you ever
stared at the shape of a heart
and noticed two bodies leaning

to read the others truth
tucked beautifully
their heart

so soft
that the room around the two
glows in pink
as if a million

dawned at once
and the faces that have greeted me
as we say farewell

have all been bathed in this same light
as if reaching
underneath their sweater, their jacket, their scarf
they brought forth

that tender heart
so that its glow lends
a pathway
as we step away

and all I can do
is hold my hands to my face
in hope that the depth of this
of this love leaves its mark

so that where I walk
I trail the intention to love as I have been loved
to sing a song of what it is to live
among the people who create what we’ve called home

copyright – christina adler – 3 July 2008 – South Narrabeen Beach, NSW Australia

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2008 – finding everyday balance in july


Welcome Home Lark

This morning I went for a walk around Narrabeen Lake. The wind had quieted and the water was still. Even the trees stood motionless as if working on their posture, each leaf in place. I felt that the world had tidied up over night leaving me with a well swept path to walk towards a new space. As I walked my pace began to slow. The activity of the past week both physically and emotionally was catching up with me and I felt my feet finding a quieter rhythm. The ducks were still, the swings at the park empty, the water a giant mirror.

I remember a similar day walking up the arm of Mt. Tamalpais. There, the earth was wet with shade and fern and the air smelled of Redwood bark. I was twenty-one years old and ready to set out on a brave journey all on my own to a new place called Australia. I remember the slippery thoughts in my mind swishing between fear and anticipation. I wondered and worried about the decision I had made. I was opening a new chapter.

My first day in Sydney, I walked around the Opera House with wide eyes. It was as if the tide had gone out and washed up an amazing white shell. The water was a deeper blue than any I had seen before and the sky opened up into a wide arch that I knew would fill with many rainbows. The botanic gardens stretched out before me as my first case of jet lag settled in. I stretched out under a canopy of leaves and rested my eyes. When I woke, it was to the sound of screeching. A sulfur crested cockatoo sailed by. My first thought was that it must have escaped from the zoo and found the gardens as its home. Shortly after, several more cockatoos filled the sky, they weaved and ducked and screeched and I knew that this chapter would be one of magic. In that garden, on that first day, I thought to myself “I might live here a very long time.”

That was thirteen years ago. And next week, I farewell this lucky country that has become my home. It is hard to describe the many emotions that I’ve walked with over the past several weeks. There is fear, sadness, love, gratitude, happiness and anticipation. Not dissimilar at all to how I felt all those years ago.

Except today I know that from a handful of seeds I gingerly planted over the years, a beautiful garden grew. Over the past week and throughout the week ahead we are gathering with many of our friends, family, teachers, students and colleagues. What I have experienced thus far is a celebration rather than a farewell. I feel looking around at what has become family, grateful and humbled, not only for the presence of these people in my life, but that their support for our decision has been so wholeheartedly positive.

Taking this leap from our little beach house in Narrabeen, we feel just as lucky that we are able to land in San Francisco to the presence of our dear friends and family. Their love has been so expansive over the years, made of emails and phone calls, tucked between short passionate visits always with numbered days. Many of these people made the long flight over the ocean to experience the part of this country that we have been so enchanted to call home. This created an overlap between worlds for me that I have so much gratitude for.

So it is with a full heart that I write this piece. The reality of living between countries for me has been one that has challenged me on many levels and also enriched my life in so many ways. I feel that the gift that has shone through most brightly from this has been mindfulness. Mindfulness of the people in my life when they are present and mindfulness of the connections that can be felt even this far away. Certain moments have even shown me that an ocean apart isn’t far between hearts. One day my sister rang urgently to tell me about a vivid powerful dream she had of our childhood home. With emotion in my voice I told her that the night before, here in Australia, I experienced the same dream. So many times my heart has heard the presence of someone and then the phone has rung bringing me their voice. These moments have taught me that love reaches across even the widest of oceans and also how important it is to be truly present with those that sit across from you.

Moments of being reunited with the special people in my life are so precious, as are the feelings when I have to say good-bye. In this process, I feel as if my awareness is turned up to a high volume and I can feel how precious the connections we have are. Meditating, writing, and practicing yoga all support the importance of mindfulness in my life. I now can feel in myself when I have become ungrounded and am living in the future or the past. There used to be comfort in those moments, a vacation for the mind, where as now I feel a loss. The loss is of the present moment which I have not embraced, moments that I can’t get back once they are gone.

This month, I invite you to strengthen your mindfulness of your life as it is right now. Look around and discover the gifts that are waiting in the corners of your life that you many not have noticed after having worked so hard to create them. Slow down like the ocean has done today. Let go the rushing and the ripples and lay flat for a while. Look around. What do you see?

Often we are so busy working hard to make our bodies, our minds, our families or our homes shine that we forget to stop and enjoy the result of all our hard work. This month give yourself permission to take a break. Breathe easy and enjoy the fruits of all of your effort. There will always be more to do, to see and to improve upon, but what you will remember at the end of each day are those moments that you actually enjoyed what you have created. Some of you will be saying to yourselves, “Yes, but maybe next month when I’ve finished the kitchen or lost the weight or found the right partner.” Try to quiet these voices and listen to the one underneath them. Listen to the voice that feels even a little peaceful with what you have already accomplished. As you listen more and more, this voice will begin to speak louder, until it will be the only one you can hear.

Start by imagining what you would do if you had one month left in this home, this job, this relationship, this family or with these friends. What would you say, do and celebrate? Write three things down and try to fit them in this month. It may be that you would like to tell your partner why you love them, finally visit that art gallery you can walk to from your house, paint the blank canvases in the garage or create that extra something that makes work more enjoyable for you and your colleagues. Whatever comes to mind first, honour it and allow it to bloom.

This month is all about enjoyment as we walk gracefully into the second half of 2008. If you set goals for everyday balance at the beginning of the year, this is a really nice time to revisit your list. Look at what you have accomplished already and update the goals you have remaining as your intentions may have changed. Allow yourself room to play with these intentions as these should exude you and only you. For more detailed instructions on how to set goals see “finding everyday balance in january”.

I’d like to finish by saying thank you to all of you for the beautiful support you have given to me while writing these inspiration pieces. I will be continuing to write “finding everyday balance” each month from our new homes across the globe. We will be traveling between San Francisco and Hawaii over the next several months and I look forward to sharing my insights on this journey.

As the next eleven days unfold in Narrabeen, I will continue my walks around the lake. Nature teaches me that there are natural cycles of change in all things and I’m listening with an open heart. I look to the moon and the sea and the trees, in their constant states of change, and I try to emulate their acceptance and ease with this process.

For those that we are leaving, your words and your hearts and your presence in my life, even across an ocean, will remain the reason why each day I feel so grateful I took that leap at twenty-one. Not only did that leap bring me my beautiful husband Peter, but also a family in you, as wide as any forest. For those that we sail towards, thank you so much for believing in me over so many years and helping us to write these next chapters with the love and support you so naturally give. To everyone reading this, enjoy this month; let it shine for you as a beautiful canvas that you have already painted, one of celebration and one of love.

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