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spring arrival


the day awakes like any other

except the windows

aren’t shivering

the tide leans slow and lazy

quiet clouds whisp by

and my bare feet against

the bathroom tiles

relax their arches

like butter melting

hope greets again

and smiles extend

the bounce in her step

transfers to his

and the billow of a topaz skirt

catches it’s edge on a new petal

the windows open

the layers peel off

your brown birkenstocks

with grey beards of dust

emerge from their cave at the back of the closet

and suddenly nature turns up the dimmer

on our evening meals which

look out over wild blue waves

and strange white doves

that land and peck at the sand

suddenly our limbs

hang lanky and pale from

t-shirts and shorts

kissed by warm winds

and the feeling of ease washes past

and I reach long fingered

for more of this

from the scent of freshly cut grass

copyright – christina adler – 28 August 2007 – Mona Vale, NSW Australia

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mangrove mountain rain


in the rain
understanding blooms
a rainbow of yoga mats
laid resting along the floor

and our bodies try to
emulate that rest
the colours of stillness
the non-doing of acceptance

we arrive
to the moment
to who we are today

and if only like the
raindrop on the eucalyptus branch
we would be so patient as to wait until

the moment had arrived
to live
and release
that gently

into each moment
each voice
in difficulty or elation

without even knowing
where it would take us
whether it be towards

a blade of apple green grass
or a deep ravine of wet ancient rock
it is not the place that we travel towards
but the grace
we give to our path

copyright – christina adler – 1 December 2007 – Mangrove Mountain, NSW


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2007 – finding everyday balance in december


As a child the holidays always began the day after Thanksgiving. You could hear the neighbors stringing up lights and the chill in the air gathered force as we reached for brightly coloured scarfs and mittens heading out to the last days of school. Store windows became a display of wonder, tiny moving toys and flashing fairy lights. The world became a story book come alive.

In Sydney, instead of waiting for the chill, I wait for the sound of Cicadas and gorgeous dramatic thunderstorms painting the sky in purple light. The sea turns turquoise under these clouds and the air becomes wet with humidity. Santa Clause in swim trunks and christmas puddings filling bakery shelves, evenings full of light and sand in the bottom of the shower.

Both worlds, so different, fill me with gratitude. December, for me, is a time to give thanks, a time to reflect on the year experienced and gather together with family and friends. This gathering is so innate, the sharing of food and love and laughter. This time of rest is so rejuvenating, and in this we can say, look at this year so well lived, so full of love and grief and hope and growth. We can take time to reflect on those who have passed on and those who have been born into our lives, all the time celebrating life in so many shapes and forms.

In this month, where so many of us become overwhelmed by obligations and overwork and the organising of children and guests and ourselves, this shift into gratitude can shine an important light on our daily practice. I invite you to join me this year, in gratitude of the wonderful days you have spent this year and the days that you can celebrate in the year to come. By being in the present moment, and acknowledging the gifts that we have in ourselves and the people around us, we can shift our focus from becoming overwhelmed by the material purchases we so often become stressed by financially, physically and emotionally.

This year, when thinking of the kinds of gifts you would like to give, consider not only the items in shops, but also offering the gift of your time, your words or your creativity. Looking back over Christmas’s past, the gifts that stand out for me are the fable that my Aunt Nancy wrote for me regarding the folklore of turtles in our family, the homemade muesli that Emma made from scratch, the star that was named after me as a child, the black and white photos of my sister and I that Jo found and framed and the photo story that Peter prepared for me on the computer to an amazing piece of music. These gifts were made so special because I knew each person had taken the time to know me and prepare something that had a part of each of them within it.

If time is scarce for you this holiday season, a wonderful family activity is to set time aside, gather pens and paints and paper and create Christmas cards together. You may like to play your favourite Christmas album and then write out these cards with love. It is a wonderful time of year to acknowledge the role that your dear friends and family play in your life.

Throughout the season, be sure to also take time out for yourself. As the social engagements start to fill your calender, make room for the activities that feed your soul and give you support. Yoga and meditation are wonderful at this time of year to support the body, mind and soul. If you would like to receive tips for how to create a holiday practice, please feel free to email me or visit the yoga and meditation section of this website.

In the spirit of gratitude, I would like to thank my family and friends for supporting me so beautifully this year. Your presence in my life is something that makes my present moments all the more beautiful. And to my yoga and meditation students, thank you for being my teacher in so many ways, your presence in my classes is a beautiful gift that supports me and I cherish.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good break!

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