inspirational tools to create life balance in your everyday

vacation blooms


the eucalyptus trees
become liquid
as they shimmer
like dressed up ladies in sequins
in this week long wind

and you wrapped in a
checkered wool blanket
have never been so lovely
as we sink into
books and bread and tea

and the air has turned
from blackheath chill
to spring puddles of warmth
and our barefeet
against the table
curl at the pleasure of blocks of spring sun

it is holiday
where we vacate our life
to taste the thread of quiet
the sinking into our feet again
seeing the newness of our surroundings
like explorers

and this laughter
that cracks out of you
startles the butterflies
that bloomed from the warm air
under a mountains crease
just yesterday

and I feel
our smiles
have been tied together
they have lengthened
into one

copyright – christina adler – 3 October 2007 – Blackheath, NSW Australia

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2007 – finding everyday balance in october


In every profession, there is a toolbox. For a builder, it might include a saw, a hammer and nails. For a yoga teacher, it may be a mat, a block and a strap. These professionals, although vastly different, gather their tools in anticipation of creating ease in their professional lives. When the tools are kept nearby, up to date and relevant, their days are likely to run smoothly. If they need help, nearby lies the toolbox, an anticipated set of strategies to apply to their craft. What I’ve found in my own life and from talking to friends and clients, is that in our professional lives we are very good at keeping a supportive toolbox, but in our personal lives our toolboxes are often out of date or neglected all together. This month I invite you to begin to create your individual ‘everyday balance’ toolbox.

As with differing professions, each of our individual lives will be vastly different in detail, but we may share similar challenges when trying to achieve balance in our day to day lives. When I sat down to consider my everyday toolbox, I observed four different categories in my life and brainstormed a few specific ‘tools’ for each area. The categories that I found useful when planning my toolbox were: physical, financial, emotional and spiritual. I chose these categories based on the different kinds of support that I have found most helpful over time.

If you would like to create an everyday toolbox for yourself this October, set some time aside that will be uninterrupted. Allow this to be in a quiet and supportive space. You might like to play a favourite piece of classical music or light a scented candle. Gather yourself a cup of calming tea and your journal. Title the page with the categories outlined above and give yourself a few minutes to write down a list of resources under each category. Try to write down everything that comes to mind and edit later.

For resources under the category ’emotional’, you might write down ‘going for a walk’, ‘taking a bath with candles’ or ‘speaking to Jennifer’. Under ‘financial’ you might write a friend’s name who gives good financial advice or the name of a book that you find inspiring regarding financial tips. Under ‘spiritual’ you might write ‘meditation’, ‘going to church’, ‘walking on the beach’ or ‘yoga’. Under physical, you might write down ‘cleaning and clearing the house’, ‘getting acupuncture or a massage’, ‘meeting a friend for a run’ or ‘going shopping for healthy alternatives for meals’. If you begin to struggle under a category for resources, this may be an area that you haven’t relied on for support in the past. Use this time to allow yourself to strengthen that area of your life. Let this list reflect your authentic self and keep it with you in your handbag or diary over the next week. If something new comes to mind, add it to your list. There are no limits on how many resources you can carry in your toolbox, the more the better!

After a week of allowing your inner resources to surface, take a few minutes to sit down with your list. You may like to use a few pages in your diary or use a small journal that you specifically keep as your toolbox. In the space that you allocate for this, write down the items that resonate with you the most from each category. Write out these items with love. Use coloured pens, stickers, photos of loved ones or images from magazines to remind you of what they mean to you.

When you find yourself in moments of overwhelm, practice this simple exercise. Sit quietly and allow your eyes to close. Feel into your body and ask yourself how you can best support yourself in this moment. Think back to your categories and allow the first one that comes to mind be your answer. Try not to overthink, if you have trouble deciding, visualise a deep lake and imagine that floating ever so slowly from the depths of the water is your answer. It may come in the form of a word or an image from your list. When you have decided, go to your list under that category and choose from the support systems that you have set up for yourself. You may need to use more than one tool from your list throughout the day depending on your challenge. Allow yourself permission to reach out and use your tools. Just like it would seem absurd for a builder to use his hand to try to place a nail into a board when his hammer was available, you also can use the resources that you have available to you.

By reaching out for support, whether from an activity, a person or a place, you will begin to create the habit energy of allowing the world to support you. This opening will be felt energetically by the people around you and you will begin to receive gestures of support in the most amazing and surprising ways. From this practice a beautiful garden of support can grow.

This October allow yourself to be supported by the resources that you already have around you. Give your toolbox a spring clean this October. Enjoy the process and if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to email me at the below address.

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