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spring arrival


the day awakes like any other

except the windows

aren’t shivering

the tide leans slow and lazy

quiet clouds whisp by

and my bare feet against

the bathroom tiles

relax their arches

like butter melting

hope greets again

and smiles extend

the bounce in her step

transfers to his

and the billow of a topaz skirt

catches it’s edge on a new petal

the windows open

the layers peel off

your brown birkenstocks

with grey beards of dust

emerge from their cave at the back of the closet

and suddenly nature turns up the dimmer

on our evening meals which

look out over wild blue waves

and strange white doves

that land and peck at the sand

suddenly our limbs

hang lanky and pale from

t-shirts and shorts

kissed by warm winds

and the feeling of ease washes past

and I reach long fingered

for more of this

from the scent of freshly cut grass

copyright – christina adler – 28 August 2007 – Mona Vale, NSW Australia

posted under 2007 poetry

mangrove mountain rain


in the rain
understanding blooms
a rainbow of yoga mats
laid resting along the floor

and our bodies try to
emulate that rest
the colours of stillness
the non-doing of acceptance

we arrive
to the moment
to who we are today

and if only like the
raindrop on the eucalyptus branch
we would be so patient as to wait until

the moment had arrived
to live
and release
that gently

into each moment
each voice
in difficulty or elation

without even knowing
where it would take us
whether it be towards

a blade of apple green grass
or a deep ravine of wet ancient rock
it is not the place that we travel towards
but the grace
we give to our path

copyright – christina adler – 1 December 2007 – Mangrove Mountain, NSW


posted under 2007 poetry



as these days pass
it is as if I am outside of an aquarium
looking in
at my life

there are seahorses
to ride
and shells stackedĀ  in colourful corners
deep emerald kelp that sways

I am being swept
by my own tide
imperfect and beautiful

the future looms unintelligible
above the water
the past holding up the green and blue
fluorescent rocks and sand

I am surrounded
by familiar tidings
and stunning support
and my heart floods with feeling

and yet
I cannot help but wonder
so often
towards the sand

and towards the thought
of taking a seahorse
and you
and riding towards the sky

copyright – christina adler – 6 NovemberĀ 2007 – Narrabeen, NSW


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vacation blooms


the eucalyptus trees
become liquid
as they shimmer
like dressed up ladies in sequins
in this week long wind

and you wrapped in a
checkered wool blanket
have never been so lovely
as we sink into
books and bread and tea

and the air has turned
from blackheath chill
to spring puddles of warmth
and our barefeet
against the table
curl at the pleasure of blocks of spring sun

it is holiday
where we vacate our life
to taste the thread of quiet
the sinking into our feet again
seeing the newness of our surroundings
like explorers

and this laughter
that cracks out of you
startles the butterflies
that bloomed from the warm air
under a mountains crease
just yesterday

and I feel
our smiles
have been tied together
they have lengthened
into one

copyright – christina adler – 3 October 2007 – Blackheath, NSW Australia

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caught at the red light


the red light

what a gift

three minutes alone in the car

stopped behind the small Toyota Celica

red glowing globes

like Christmas litter

and before me like a stage set

a tall old tree

so graceful in silouette

its branches black

against lilac light

like a doily

perfect in its imperfection

brittle in detail

lounging above

two chimneys

old fashioned and still


like the black of branches

and beautiful

the street corner captured

at twilight

and all is quiet

except the hum of the car

and the sound of Mandarin


between my teeth

from the winter fruitstand

cold touching everything

kissing even the skin of fruit

and yet summer rays

fill me

such a moment

held in time

by the red

of the light

copyright – christina adler – 6 August 2007- Artarmon, NSW Australia

posted under 2007 poetry