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it wasn’t until I met you that I knew
what the word twinkle meant
surrounded by your family
happiness twinkled in your blue blue eyes

always looking as though
you expected the day to turn out just right
you weaved stories
using your smile as the punctuation mark

and those around you
felt special when you spoke to them
you were present
as if they were the only person in the room

I watched you wear the title of
husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather and friend
and each you held with an ease
painted in integrity

you were the kind of person
that people were proud to know
the kind of man that I wanted to introduce to people
because I knew that their lives would be better for it

I understood your love of the ocean
how the dance of the tide brought your heart back to balance
I admired the time you gave to your passions
carving the details to the perfect egg cup out of a block of honey colored wood

a person that loved and lived
until the pages of his story were brimming over with words
you passed down the best parts of yourself
and I’m so fortunate to see them every day in the kindness of my husband’s words and the twinkle in my baby girl’s blue blue eyes

copyright – Christina Adler -5 November 2010 – San Mateo, California USA

Photo by Peter Moore- Australia

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