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I wish for you


I wish for you
a world where the kisses out number the cries
where you awake
to the unconditional eyes of love

I wish for you afternoons
that make spaces for spontaneous naps
and mornings that break wide open
with the smile of possibility

I wish for you
the color of a rainbow
landing silently on your skin
and the belief that the pot of gold hides somewhere on a cloud

I wish for you
the light of love
to warm your cooler nights
and the feeling of beauty streaming from your inside out

I wish for you
showers of laughter
and walks where green sunlight streams through tree branches
and holds you still with wonder

I wish for you
the taste of authenticity
as your
words leave your mouth

I wish for you
the nostalgia of songs
so many songs
that sing you back to your memories

I wish for you the sweetness
of sugar
and the sound of an apple
plucked right from the tree

I wish for you sand and salt
and the air of Australian seas
rocking you warmly
to sleep

I wish for you
to be in awe of the Redwood tree
creaking mysteriously
in the night

there isn’t enough ink in the world
for what I wish for you
standing here watching you sleep
only nine weeks old

copyright – Christina Adler -3 May 2010 – San Mateo, California USA

Photo by Christina Adler- Taken in San Mateo in April 2010

posted under 2010 poetry