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around soft corners










this morning
wrapped in scarf and coat
I walk slowly
balancing this heavy belly

around the soft corners
of our neighborhood
winter chill
whipping my cheeks to pink

and my mind alert
to the movements
now slow and bold
in these last days before your birth

nature feels close
my body ripe
like falling fruit
and I feel most calm

out here amongst
the wind and sun and winter blooms
especially the magnolia tree
who leans outside

of the Japanese garden
as if trying to fill the cobalt sky
with her long and unorganized branches
full with thick strong buds

that stretch stiff and shiny white
like hundreds of unopened letters
waiting to be let go and read
amongst her deep roots

and I bask under these almond
shaped shadows
which fall among white pebbles
under my feet

and feel the same kind of delighted
of opening a long awaited envelope
as I do about meeting you

copyright – Christina Adler – 7 February 2009 – San Mateo, California USA

Photo by Peter Moore – Taken in San Mateo in January 2010

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