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breathing in and breathing out


the days
so busy
in a myriad
of wonderful and essential ways

lots of talking
and manifesting
and finding things
like the missing mail

and amongst that
extraordinary ordinary
I get lost
my thoughts so important

until finally
something draws me
to the cushion
and I sit

focus entirely
on my breath
and find I am home
and centered in this silence

and it is as if
all of the
scattered pieces
of myself

stop dancing
and sit down
on a worn wooden bench
to rest

breathing in
and out
this tidal rest
so invigorating

and my legs
tucked up under me
feel stable
a foundation of home

and in the
center of me
I feel this tiny baby
breathing in and breathing out

and the moment
so bathed in happiness
stands still
in gratitude

copyright – Christina Adler – 3 September 2009 – San Francisco, California USA

posted under 2009 poetry