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some days


some days draw out
silence in me
a kind of quiet
takes over

and like a babbling brook
over the edges
of my emotions

today seems more grounded
a day where the
words of a friend
arrive vulnerable and raw

reaching out
to create an envelope
for the past

that grief can be rocked to sleep in
and it is on
days like this where everything seems more real
where the quiet cuddles

my words to the page
that I crave those things
most basic
the primary colors of my life

a hot full cup of tea with milk
peter’s giant shoes looking after mine outside the door
the windows swallowing
the sounds of birds into the house

the morning warming up to a hot afternoon
my book in the sunny square of the couch
the Merlot colored yoga mat ready for practice
the laughter of my father coming out of my phone like wind chimes

and the deep blue sheets
which I hang on the line
so that this evening as we sleep
the sun and this warm afternoon

will penetrate our dreams
and although we may not remember
they will surely
lead us back

to presence
amongst the most ordinary
furniture of our lives
and what a gift it is just to witness this

copyright – Christina Adler – 26 May 2009 – Windsor, California USA

posted under 2009 poetry