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to sing of yellow


the hills here
melt out of morning sun
and sing of yellow
as if to say

another colour could never be
so beautiful
and there is silence
as I sweep

the wooden deck in long fluid strokes
that break the silence
like a nail file
against the air of nap time in a sleeping home

in these numbered days here
I am sleeping less
but am more awake
among the redwood bodies

and the skulking deer
than I am among
tall buildings
and tangled horns

my soul recognizes
the silence like an old friend
and tries to change towards it
like a chameleon on a leaf

my jaw releases
and my face uncreases
there is quiet here
this is all I could ask of peace

copyright – Christina Adler – 15 November 2008 – Woodacre, California USA

posted under 2008 poetry