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pause of the calender


waking up to these days
like gifts
wrapped up and off the calender
as if we have stepped

through time
and left the little squares behind
for this stretch of beach
this lap of waves

and I start to quiet
even with the clatter of the palm leaves
keeping me awake
in this humid lull

papaya and lime
on the lanai each morning
Honolulu papers folded under the bamboo tray
and you a compliment

to every detail
brightening the deep red of the hibiscus flower
noticing the blue sparkle of the sea
smiling over a rainbow of shaved ice

all simply pronounced in your presence
which allows me to rest
held by the details
as these stray days lead us

to a place we’re yet to know
and with this sand sticking to my feet
the salt rubs away a fine layer of doubt and
I am suddenly free to believe

that anything is possible
even this
where months and days simply give way
to sandy naps in humid afternoons

to new hope
and I believe
that by closing your eyes
and taking that step, only solid strength can await

copyright – Christina Adler – 1 October 2008 – Kailua, Oahu, USA

posted under 2008 poetry