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ocean underbelly


the ocean so like us
awakes some days
a perfect sand path
not a grain out of place

as if the tide had swept it clean
working hard overnight
whistling while combing every inch
so that morning light drips over

tiny waves lapping with hardly a sound
drawing back in one kind line
and I walk so entranced
my feet making perfect beach foot prints in the sugar white sand

and then out of the blue
only days later
she shows me her cracks
sand strewn in canals and teetering

sandcastles played with and left to spill
the dried leaf flag wrapped around driftwood now torn
blue coral and a pink squid the size of my lower arm
sinking sadly in the sun

rocks pressing into the soft of my feet
and seaweed and kelp salting the air that I breathe
she lets down her hair and I can see
her waves unruly and unpredictable

moods of spitting rain and sun straining through clouds
today I know who I would choose
this authentic
this less kept self

her details I can’t help it, they intrigue me
she sings of truth
that honesty so refreshing and I can’t help but drink it in
knowing now that the clear days will be that much more beautiful

copyright – Christina Adler – 20 September 2008 – Kailua Beach, Oahu, USA

posted under 2008 poetry