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lapidge street garden


in the afternoon
the giant emerald leaves
anticipate the eel like hose
and start to curl

like a laughing babies toes
and I know that
they will relax overnight
taking back their clover shape

to hang over the lanes of this garden
so shadowed by an encyclopedia of trees,
filtered sun
and a cat’s shadow near the aging fence

where strange buds reach out
of thick tube like stems
purple and green
kelp like in structure

a contrast to the golden bamboo that shakes free
showering the sound of maracas over gardenia leaves
each time the rare san franciscan
heat blows through in sheets

and amidst this fabric of life
I duck and weave
feeling for the shielded leaves of the potted plant
shy underneath the mosaic tabletop

my feet becoming wet
on top of red rubber thongs
from summer’s past
so that I slide through

this garden so like
the belly of the sea
as if a great tide was
sucked back

leaving this cornucopia
of stunning blooms, leaves, stems
to fend off sun
and butterflies

who weave away from the light
to shade with the sound of water
which lulls me into
summer slumber and I wonder

did I dream
the dance of the seahorse
that galloped past
under the canopy

of gem coloured lantern blossoms
whose soil could only be that of rose quartz
to colour the petals so pretty
like the pout of a film star

yet it is
the succulents
that I could sit with for eons
bursting so with self esteem

almost teasing me
as they hold water
in the shelter of their
perfect green leaves

letting it pool
so that droplets
shine bright as diamonds
in this ferocious sun

and oh how I long to be
that plump with life
so green and ready
for what sunny afternoons could hold

copyright – christina adler – 4 September 2008 – Fillmore Street-San Francisco, CA, USA

posted under 2008 poetry