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airport day


stepping through Sydney customs
I hold
your hand
as if I

might fall off this cliff
if I let go
my eyes are blue
and filled

the tide is high today
in my body
my mind
my soul

and the waves
they just won’t stop
back and forth
I’m pulled tangled up

between the tears
which hold
such extremes
so many good-byes

and i feel
slippery as I reach for the bottom
and find no sand
but just as

we pass security
you reach towards
me and I’m stopped by the weight
of heart in your eyes

and you say
this is the time
we will look back on
this is a pivotal moment in our life

and you were right
and we stood as if the moment
had just been born between us
and held it new and small between our hands

in awe
with a kind of reverence
you might find in a church
or a field of flowers or at dawn

and we met this moment
laced in energy
and we smiled
and I found the ground

copyright – christina adler – 31 July 2008 – Mill Valley, CA, USA

posted under 2008 poetry