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Life coaching is a wonderful way to bring balance into your life. Often we make room for appointments in our lives to take care of what is going wrong with our life, but coaching allows us to make appointments to look after what can go right in our lives. Life coaching is a collaborative partnership where we take the time to identify our needs and values and where we have arrived to at this moment in our life. Once we have identified those needs and values, we set goals to meet those needs and values and the steps in which to achieve those goals.

Life coaching allows you to achieve clarity both on where you have arrived to and where you want to go. The supportive context of a coaching partnership allows you to stay motivated towards your goals and to continually assess your goals along the way so that they are achievable. In our fast pace lives, it is taking this kind of time out for reflection that allows us to accomplish the things we only once dreamed of. With life coaching we can find balance between the important building blocks that make up our lives. These building blocks often consist of friends, family, finances, physical health, work and play.

Life balance coaching can help you to identify the areas of your life that have become unbalanced and to learn ways to bring those areas back into balance. Whether you work with life coaching for one session or for several sessions, you will be able to begin to illuminate the part of yourself that is the key to your own unique balance. It is when we listen to this authentic self that our lives begin to be filled with ease and activities that feel balanced.

Working one on one together, will allow us to work with a combination of tools that include writing exercises, meditation, visualisation and goal setting techniques based on the most recent findings in the field of positive psychology.

Using a model of solution focused coaching and evidence based goal setting techniques, I will work with you to first identify the goals that resonate highly with your present circumstances and then generate ways to reach those goals within the supportive context of a coaching partnership. I am available for individual sessions in the San Francisco Bay Area or for phone sessions for interstate or international clients. I also work specifically with life coaching for first time moms.

Email: chrisadler@everydaybalance.net

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