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yoga for stress management


Yoga is a wonderful therapy for stress reduction and stress management. One of the many benefits of a regular yoga practice is that it can lower stress levels. By learning to cultivate attention to the present moment within our yoga practice, we can carry this practice on so that it spills out into our daily life. When we are in the present moment, we worry less about the future and spend less time fretting about the past. By being in the present moment more and more, our levels of stress tend to lessen and our joy at the hidden gifts that exist in our daily lives tends to grow.

Through working with the physical asana sequences in our yoga practice, we also release built up tension in our bodies. This releases stress in a physical way. For example, if we tend to sit at the computer for long periods of time, we may build tension in our shoulders and neck, causing pain and stress. By practicing poses such as threading the needle or a standing forward bend, we release the tension in our neck and decrease the amount of stress building up in our body.

By working with our breath in conjunction with our yoga postures, we also release tension and stress in our bodies. When we breath deeply the muscles in our body relax allowing us to reconnect with how our bodies feel in a space of rest.

Most importantly, yoga gives us a chance to stop and meet where our bodies and minds are. By taking the time to reconnect with how our bodies feel and how busy or relaxed our minds are, we can then take the time to respond in a way that will decrease the amount of stress in our lives.

Stopping, reconnecting and being with our breath, what a wonderful antidote for stress!

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