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I have practiced yoga and meditation for over nine years and am a member of the Yoga Teachers Association of Australia. I currently teach Hatha and restorative yoga in the San Francisco Bay Area for groups, businesses and individuals.

I believe that as we live our lives at a faster pace, it is increasingly important to take time out to connect with the physical and emotional body through yoga and meditation. By practicing these skills regularly within a group setting, we are more able to begin to integrate them into our daily life. Having other people to practice with, even if only once a week, enriches your experience by creating a supportive context for your progress in the postures and in your regular meditation practice.

For the past two years I have taught at Qi Natural Therapies and Yoga on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. I taught a restorative yoga and meditation class that worked with intention and breathing techniques as a place to balance in the middle of your week. In the Nothern Beaches, I also worked with corporate clients in the helping professions by presenting meditation evenings for stress reduction. I am happy to say that my clients have continued this work even after I moved to the United States by employing another meditation teacher as they were experiencing such positive results.

The Lotus Room on the Northern Beaches of Sydney was where I began my meditation practice. I was an active  member of their meditation group for six years as well as presenting talks on meditation and Buddhism and helping to run the center with a team of dedicated and talented individuals including Stephen Malloch of Heartmind coaching and meditation.

I am available for individual, group or corporate sessions that can be tailored to the needs of yourself or your workplace. I can be contacted at email address: chrisadler@everydaybalance.net

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