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Meditation – What do I need to meditate?


You can meditate anywhere, just with you and your breath. Some of my favorite meditations have happened in unexpected locations. I remember sitting outside my parents house in winter snuggled under a blanket when a wild deer walked by, in the green grass of a dear friend’s yard with her cat brushing her body against my back and then resting in my lap (cats love to meditate!), on the plane from Sydney to San Francisco during turbulence and in a tiny room with a candle and strangers around me in the middle of a busy New York City Tuesday. The wonderful thing about meditation is that you carry all the tools you need with you everyday.

But, of course there are a few tools that for your regular meditation practice may make you more comfortable. This is a list of the tools that I often draw upon:

1. A comfortable meditation cushion, bolster or meditation stool.

2. A blanket in winter to wrap around your shoulders.

3. Books on meditation by authors that will inspire you. My favorites are: Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg and Thich Nhat Hanh.

4. A guided meditation CD or mp3 (this is good for beginners)

5. A sandalwood candle or your favorite incense.

6. A clock or timer with an unobtrusive sound.

7. Meditation music (this can be nice to have on in the background)

8. A journal for insights regarding your practice.

9. A bell to sound before and after practice.

10. The support of a regular meditation or yoga group.

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