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vacation blooms


the eucalyptus trees
become liquid
as they shimmer
like dressed up ladies in sequins
in this week long wind

and you wrapped in a
checkered wool blanket
have never been so lovely
as we sink into
books and bread and tea

and the air has turned
from blackheath chill
to spring puddles of warmth
and our barefeet
against the table
curl at the pleasure of blocks of spring sun

it is holiday
where we vacate our life
to taste the thread of quiet
the sinking into our feet again
seeing the newness of our surroundings
like explorers

and this laughter
that cracks out of you
startles the butterflies
that bloomed from the warm air
under a mountains crease
just yesterday

and I feel
our smiles
have been tied together
they have lengthened
into one

copyright – christina adler – 3 October 2007 – Blackheath, NSW Australia

posted under 2007 poetry