inspirational tools to create life balance in your everyday

to create ease in September, why not try…


1. Setting up two baskets in the laundry, one for colours and one for whites to save time sorting.

2. Placing recycling baskets near your door so they are emptied each time you leave the house.

3. Having sections of your closet devoted to seasons and colours so you aren’t sifting through clothes you aren’t currently wearing and you can find items more quickly.

4. Buying gifts throughout the year, for birthdays and Christmas. When you find yourself at a sale and see something that reminds you of a loved one, purchase it. Designate a shelf or drawer for storage of these items and ask for them to be gift wrapped at the time of purchase. This will save time rushing around at the last minute and spending large amounts of money before the holidays.

5. Cooking double the amount of meals that easily freeze (casseroles, soups, sauces, chili and lasagna) so that on those days of overwhelm you don’t spend big bucks on take-out and you nourish your body with healthy ingredients when you need them most.

6. Having money for regular bills taken directly out of your account at the time of pay and placed in another account where they can be paid on time without the stress of juggling funds or withdrawing from savings after making impulse purchases!

7. Strengthening your belief in flexibility. If you are at the shops unexpectedly and you need to buy items from a nearby shop later in the week, do it then to save time doubling back later in the week. Use the time you gained later in the week to do something you enjoy. Take a walk, have coffee with a friend or simply relax at home.

8. Building exercise into your life. Instead of cramming a session on the stairmaster after work when its dark out and your tired, get off the bus a few stops early or park further away from work in the morning and walk the rest of the way to work. It only means leaving a half an hour earlier and you can save money on gym fees and create time to yourself before starting work.

9. Practicing saying yes when someone offers to help. This will help to strengthen your relationships and allows you extra time to do new things or more of what you love. Be patient, there is a strong trend towards doing everything yourself in western society. This habit may take time to strengthen, but in the long run you will be well rested and less stressed.

10. Eat well, drink enough water, exercise and get a healthy amount of sleep. We all have heard this bit of wisdom before, but by following it you will truly benefit and be better equipped to identify and explore opportunities for ease when they present themselves.

11. If you find yourself overwhelmed with things to do each week, try using, www.todoist.com, a online to do list. Get into the habit of checking this list each time you open your email and set up different categories for work, daily tasks and specific projects.

If you have further suggestions on how to create ease in daily life, write to chrisadler@everydaybalance.net and include your name and the town you live in and they may be posted on this site!

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