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spring arrival


the day awakes like any other

except the windows

aren’t shivering

the tide leans slow and lazy

quiet clouds whisp by

and my bare feet against

the bathroom tiles

relax their arches

like butter melting

hope greets again

and smiles extend

the bounce in her step

transfers to his

and the billow of a topaz skirt

catches it’s edge on a new petal

the windows open

the layers peel off

your brown birkenstocks

with grey beards of dust

emerge from their cave at the back of the closet

and suddenly nature turns up the dimmer

on our evening meals which

look out over wild blue waves

and strange white doves

that land and peck at the sand

suddenly our limbs

hang lanky and pale from

t-shirts and shorts

kissed by warm winds

and the feeling of ease washes past

and I reach long fingered

for more of this

from the scent of freshly cut grass

copyright – christina adler – 28 August 2007 – Mona Vale, NSW Australia

posted under 2007 poetry