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mangrove mountain rain


in the rain
understanding blooms
a rainbow of yoga mats
laid resting along the floor

and our bodies try to
emulate that rest
the colours of stillness
the non-doing of acceptance

we arrive
to the moment
to who we are today

and if only like the
raindrop on the eucalyptus branch
we would be so patient as to wait until

the moment had arrived
to live
and release
that gently

into each moment
each voice
in difficulty or elation

without even knowing
where it would take us
whether it be towards

a blade of apple green grass
or a deep ravine of wet ancient rock
it is not the place that we travel towards
but the grace
we give to our path

copyright – christina adler – 1 December 2007 – Mangrove Mountain, NSW


posted under 2007 poetry