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B.A.Psych., M.App.Sci.Psych.Coach

My interest in positive psychology began when I enrolled in my four year Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at The University of California at Davis and continued as I completed a Masters Degree in the Psychology of Coaching at The University of Sydney.

I began my work with life coaching by teaching courses on creative life balance. These courses used a combination of writing exercises, meditation, visualisation and goal setting techniques to help individuals look at their lives from a different vantage point. Within this work, clients applied a combination of daily activities in conjunction with long term goals to bring more balance, understanding and enjoyment to their lives.

Working one on one with me, will allow you to work with similar tools based on the most recent findings in the field of positive psychology within the support of a coaching relationship.

As well has having a passion for coaching individuals to their most authentic goals, I have a background in meditation, having both studied and taught at The Lotus Room for six years as well as working with corporate clients in the helping professions in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. When I am in San Francisco, I attend regular meditation evenings with Jack Kornfield, as well as attending workshops hosted by many other inspirational teachers at Spirit Rock Meditation Center.

For the past four years I was fortunate enough to be the manager of Qi Natural Therapies and Yoga in Mona Vale. I worked with a number of talented therapists in fields such as massage, acupuncture, chiropractic and energy healing. I also coordinated the yoga side of the center and taught yoga and meditation classes at the studio for the past two years.  I am a member of the Yoga Teachers Association of Australia and a qualified first aid officer.

I also have a background in creative writing having studied at both The University of California at Davis and The University of Wollongong. I have attended several workshops at the South Coast Writer’s Centre in Wollongong, NSW and enjoyed being a part of many poetry readings that they hosted. My work has been published in literary journals both in United States and Australia. For samples of my work you can visit the creative writing section of this website. Through my poetry I hope to inspire mindfulness towards the present moment and a reverence for the details in life that we often overlook, but when appreciated can turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

Recently, we have moved to the United States where I am teaching yoga and working with life coaching clients both in the U.S. and by telephone to Australia. For more information, please visit feel free to contact me at email address: chrisadler@everydaybalance.net

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