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caught at the red light


the red light

what a gift

three minutes alone in the car

stopped behind the small Toyota Celica

red glowing globes

like Christmas litter

and before me like a stage set

a tall old tree

so graceful in silouette

its branches black

against lilac light

like a doily

perfect in its imperfection

brittle in detail

lounging above

two chimneys

old fashioned and still


like the black of branches

and beautiful

the street corner captured

at twilight

and all is quiet

except the hum of the car

and the sound of Mandarin


between my teeth

from the winter fruitstand

cold touching everything

kissing even the skin of fruit

and yet summer rays

fill me

such a moment

held in time

by the red

of the light

copyright – christina adler – 6 August 2007- Artarmon, NSW Australia

posted under 2007 poetry