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2007 – finding everyday balance in november


Last week on a rainy afternoon, where the clouds reflected the grey blue colour of the sea, I watched a great white splash on an otherwise near perfect sea. Out of this dramatic splash came the slick black back of a mother whale followed by the smaller body of her baby, gracefully flying out of the water for all to see. Standing at the window watching these great creatures and their silent dance between water and sky, I felt so blessed. I waited long moments of silence between magnificent splashes of thick skin and seamless silky water. I imagined the quiet under such a perfect surface, the vision of the undisturbed sandy bottom, the wet world surrounding each whale moving only with the breath of the tide.

Today the sea has come alive. It is lead grey and stormy. The waves have never felt so large and the sound that each set breaks with is deafening to the world around it. There seems to be miles of white water and turbulent tides swirling around each other in chaos. Amidst this grey wash of kelp and sea and sand, the whales are kept secret, their quiet beauty drowned out by the storm around them. Reflecting on two such different days, I am reminded of the emotional world in which we live. Some days hold such stillness that even the opening of a flower is not lost to us and on other days our own internal storms drown out even the loudest displays of wonder.

As we approach the end of the year, the tempo of our days starts to speed up. We have more opportunities to be social and the holidays begin to peek out through the music on the radio, the displays at the supermarket and that ever so quiet familiar thought of what gifts will be given and got. As a result of this change of pace, our intentions for balance both in our work and personal lives has the potential to be swallowed up so that at the time when we need to support ourselves most we find ourselves empty handed of resources. This year I invite you to lay down the groundwork to allow these last two precious months of 2007 to reflect the growth you’ve experienced this year.

To do this, all you need is a journal, a calendar and a chance to sit down alone with your thoughts. When you find this time, take out your journal and make two lists. The first list is your “resources” list. Write down ten tiny ways that you can stay grounded as the year speeds up. These can vary from “continue walking three times a week”, “write a list of chores for each family member on the fridge” or “get a massage once a fortnight.” Allow this list to be guilt free and think deeply about what and who really makes you feel good. It may be as simple as having a candlelit bath with your favourite music or starting work a half an hour early so that you can enjoy daylight savings time. With two months left in the year, you have the opportunity to celebrate who you really are. Allow yourself to end this year on a high note so that when you look back, you can say “wow that was the year when I really listened to what I needed.”

Secondly, write out a “celebrations” list for the holidays. Whether you celebrate Hanukah, Christmas or even just cricket season, this time of year is when the whole country lets out a big sigh of relief and kicks their feet up with the people they love the most. To truly get into the spirit, start planning your December now. Make a list of ten ways that you would like to celebrate your holidays. If you run out of ideas, take a separate piece of paper and write a journal entry on what your favourite activities for the holidays were as a child. Write those items down and weave them into these lasts months of the year. These holiday traditions are what make our families unique, whether it’s going to an evening gift market with friends, having a quiet hour at a cafe to write holiday cards, buying tickets for a production of The Nutcracker or organising a trip for a beach BBQ, honour these celebrations. These special activities from your past, or traditions you create for the future, are what makes you the beautiful and unique person that you are.

When you’ve completed your lists, allow some time to visit your diary or event calendar. For each week until the end of December, write in one item from your “resources” list and one item from your “celebrations” list on dates that you think you would enjoy or need these events. If there are activities that you need to set aside money for, you may want to visit the link to the website one of my yoga students and her husband created called “No in November” at www.no-in-november.com. This is a wonderful way to observe your spending habits, help the environment and set aside some money for these special events. If you feel that you need to begin your holiday shopping in November, but you would like to observe “No in November” there are several second hand markets where you can find one of a kind treasures. These can be found by ringing your local council or using Google and searching “markets”.

As the weeks progress, check in with your calendar on Sunday nights and look at the week ahead. Ask yourself if you need to adjust the dates that you have planned items for and allow there to be flexibility so that you can support yourself the most when and how you need to. Honour this pre-planning as your days start to fill up. By looking after yourself first, you are much more likely to be there for your friends and family in a way that is genuine and healthy.

Observing the great splashes of the whales, I was also reminded of how much time we all spend under the water of our lives and then emerge in the same dramatic way that these whales do when we have an intention. The way we spend that time under water is so important, the inner conversations we hold with ourselves each day need to be honoured as well as the intentions that bloom from that dialogue and the path our lives travel as a result. By taking this time out before the holiday season starts, I hope that you will be well equipped to see clearly, both how to navigate the crystal clear and stormy days that appear, and to celebrate in the process!

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