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This website is dedicated to creating inspiration and life balance in the everyday aspects of our lives. My name is Christina Adler. I am a published author, life coach, yoga teacher, and meditation instructor. On this website I publish life balance articles and my most recent poetry. The life balance pieces are written as a collection of stories and insights on life that I hope help you to look at life from a different perspective. In my writing I hope to inspire you to create a balance in your life that supports your own unique path and goals. In the life balance pieces, I offer tools that, when practiced, may lend insight into the subject I am discussing.

I welcome emails regarding your experiences with these tools for life balance at: chrisadler@everydaybalance.net. By sharing in this way, I hope to create a sense of interconnectedness in our pursuit for balance, wherever you find yourself in the world. Our struggles and celebrations are so often more similar than they are different. Whether it is for a spoonful of connection while reading a poem, a moment of motivation in your journey towards life balance, or simply a place to learn how to create a regular yoga, meditation, or writing practice, I hope that you enjoy this website.

Enjoy a taste of my most recent life balance piece below and my latest poem here titled  state in my heart

finding everyday balance in september 2012

“Today as I drove into the grocery store parking lot, I passed a woman holding a clean white sign. In large black writing, the sign read, “Single mom. Need help. Hard times.” It is rare to find people asking for food in this affluent suburb and something about her body language told me she had never done this before. Living in the Bay Area, with a significant homeless population, we are frequently presented with signs asking for help. My husband and I rarely experienced this in Sydney so it became a topic of many conversations when we moved here. We decided that handing money out to everyone wasn’t possible so now we have each chosen a charity that we believe in and make regular donations. However, today as I pulled into my parking spot, I couldn’t shake the feeling that this woman needed help, and she needed it now.”
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